Eyebrow & Nail Bar

Offering the very best in nail care with your gels, Bio Sculpture Gel is available for hands and feet. Gentle on the natural nail and long lasting.

Price List:

Eyebrow Wax £7
Lip/Chin Wax £6
Eyebrow Tint* £8
Eyelash Tint* £11
*Requires a skin test 48 hours before the treatment
Bio Sculpture Gels - Fingers** £25
Bio Sculpture Gels - Toes** £20
Soak off (free with a new set) £8
**Nail art is an additional £1 per nail, including glitter
Manicure with varnish £18
Manicure with Parrafin Wax £22
Pedicure with varnish £25
Pedicure with Parrafin Wax £30
File & Paint £8